Storage Electric Water Heater(Enamel coating TYPE)

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Storage Electric Water Heater(Enamel coating TYPE)

Storage Electric Water Heater(Enamel coating TYPE)

Corrosion and rust free clean hot water.

Always supply clean hot water adopting stainless steel hot water tank which is strong against rust and corrosion.

Variety of construction tailored to the installation environment.

Customers have options between wall-mounted (downward ) and standing type (upward) depending on various installation environment.

The excellent upgraded safety.

Enhanced safety applying safety devices against overheating, short-circuit, over-pressure
1 ) automatic temperature control device
2 ) cut-outs sensor
3 ) over-pressure safety valve

Energy-saving water heaters.

Heated to a temperature that user has set up, power off automatically and provide effect of keeping water hot longer by applying ultra density foam insulation.
Division VST-15T VST-30T VST-50T VST-80T
Storage Capacity (ℓ) 15 30 50 80
Rated Power Consumption(Kw) 1.5 2.5 2.5 2.5
Outside Dimension(W*D*H(mm)) 405*405*310 475*475*395 Ø410*H630 Ø410*H880
Temperature Control Range(℃) 0~75℃ 0~75℃
Product Weight (Kg) 7.5 14 19 25
냉수/온수 접속구(A) 15 15
Cold Water / HotWater Connection Port(Mpa(kgf/㎠)) 0.8(8.0) 0.8(8.0)
Use For hot water only
Place of Installation For indoor Use
Type of Installation Wall type / Under sink type

The specification of the product may be changed without notification subject to quality improvement.

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