Storage Electric Water Heater(stainless Tank TYPE)

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Storage Electric Water Heater(stainless Tank TYPE)

Storage Electric Water Heater(stainless Tank TYPE)

Clean hot water with no corrosion and red water.

Always provides clean hot water by adopting stainless steel hot water tank which has strong resistance against generation of red water and corrosion.

Flexible ways of installation matching installation environment.(Built-in inside sink is available)

Either one between wall mounting(downward) or standind type(upward/under type) can be selected and installed, matching a variety of installation environments. (* UPward/Downward type applied model:15ℓ, 30ℓ, 100ℓ)

Anyone can use the product easoly with no difficulty in operation.

Anyone can use the product simply with no difficulty in operation thanks to automatic temperature control system.

Excellent upgraded safety

Safety is strengthened by adopting safety device system for preventing overheating, short-circuit, over-pressure and so no.
1 ) Automatic temperature control device
2 ) Temperature fuse
3 ) Excessive temperature increase prevention device
4 ) over pressure safety valve

Energy-saving water heaters.

Heated to a temperature that user has set up, power off automatically and provide effect of keeping water hot longer by applying ultra density foam insulation.
Division BS-150S(U) BS-300S(U) BS-500S BS-1000S/1001S BS-2000S BS-3000S
Storage Capacity (ℓ) 15 30 50 100 200 300
Rated Power Consumption(Kw) 1.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 2 3
Outside Dimension (W*D*H(mm)) 360*360*290 445*445*360 Ø460*H500 Ø460*H860 Ø580*H1245 Ø580*H1745
Temperature Control Range(℃) 0~75℃ 0~75℃ 0~75℃
Product Weight (Kg) 6.2 9.3 17 19.9 46 65
Cold Water / HotWater Connection Port (A) 15 15 20
Max. Operating Pressure (Mpa(kgf/㎠)) 0.3(3.0) * Recommended (In case of abnormal over pressure,Install pressure reducing valve)
Use For hot water only
Place of Installation For indoor Use
Type of Installation Wall type/Under sink type Wall type Wall type/Stand type Stand type

The specification of the product may be changed without notification subject to quality improvement.

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