Flower Ice Maker (Slip TYPE)

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Flower Ice Maker (Slip TYPE)

Flower Ice Maker (Slip TYPE)

All Stainless BODY

The stainless material strong for corrosion about the entire product was seleed for clean snowflake ice-making and maintenance.

Smart Touch Panel

The complicated manipulation is simplified so that everybody can use easily, the display indicating error message of product,rotation speed of drum etc to the outside being used.

Slide tray system

With the slide type detachable design, the movement of ice bunker & the utilization of snow ice were more strengthened.

UV Sterilizing Lamp restraining the propagation of gems

The automatic UV lamp with on/off function was mounted to restrain the propagation of germs of product inside at the maximum.

Purifying filter

Water flowing in the product is controlled more cleanly with 3 purified filters such as carbon filter, sediment filter etc mounted.

Auto-cleaning system

With the simple manipulation of touch panel by user, hot water of over 80℃ cleans cooling drum, nozzle automatically.

Simple exchange of bucket

As drink bucket can be exchanged simply by the bucket exchange method and be detached completely, it is easy to clean and cleanse.

Drum speed control system

As it can control the drum speed from 1 step to 5 step with the simple manipulation of touch panel, it enables snowflake ice-making of various menus.


Like natural snowflakes pouring from the sky,

The ice machine makes much finer and no holding together snow shape dry snow rather than wet snow which is large snowflakes to provide the best snow flower ice of which mouthfeel is very fine and nice.

No more snowflake ice-making machine with only water,

From milk juice to beer containing alcohol ingredient!
As it materializes ice quality of snow, it can develop various recipes through chocolate, vanilla, cherry, milk. It can develop a far more advanced menu than competitor.

Now wait for 20 seconds,

You don’t need to wait any more.
With - 30ºC instantaneous drum cooling technology, if you have only water, it makes the best snowflake ice of fine and nice texture in only 20 seconds.

Cleaning control automatic clean function of SNOW STORY solves everything.

Automatic cleaning function was mounted for the first time in this field.
If user pushes the button once, hot water of over 70-80ºC sterilizes, cleanses and cleans every nook and corner of cooling drum.

Develop various snowflake ice recipes with drum speed control system.

As user can control and manipulate drum speed conveniently from 1 step to 5 step with additional speed control system mounted in drum speed mode of the existing one speed,it can develop various snowflakes recipe such as noodle snowflake ice-making, cotton snowflake ice-making etc.

Water bucket system enabling to change the recipe of various tastes simply.

Upgraded from the existing tray system to water bucket exchange system, if water bucket is exchanged, it can make various snowflake ice recipe simply.

Width×Depth×Height 450(W) x 560(D) x 650(H)
Power consumption 1,500 W(When operating instantaneous water heating, 2,000W)
Weight 70kg
Ice making water supply mode BUCKET MODE : Supply milk & drink by top tank
WATER MODE : Supply purified water with basic connected
Convenience specification Auto-cleaning : CLEAN MODE (DRUM rotation + hot water)
Drum speed control function: 1~5 step drum speed control
Cooling system Water cooling type
Capacity of ice and snow 150~250Kg / DAY
Refrigerant of use / Injection amount R404a

The specification of the product may be changed without notification subject to quality improvement.

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